Height range: 29 … If you're new to standing, there are a few things we've learned over the years that we wish we would have known. We’re seeing many more sleek designs come onto the market, offering colors other than the ubiquitous black, such as white, gray, and some even offering wood desktop and keyboard tray surfaces. We compare our observations from reviewers who are of different heights, weights, and ages. - The Cooper includes many key ergonomic features like the beveled edge on the keyboard tray, which provides a comfortable surface for resting your wrists. - This  very smart design results in an equally stable typing surface whether lowered or raised. Emily Harmoni - available in an electric form and in an appealing wood top finish for the keyboard tray and desktop. While it burns less energy than standing, it still helps you avoid the dangers of long periods of sitting, and the back pain that can be associated with it. You can learn more about full standing desks by reading our guide. - This refers to the depth of the base of the frame, excluding additional depth from the keyboard tray as reported by the manufacturer. You can vary up your routine from sitting to standing, then to leaning. Standing-to-work boosts health and productivity, creating tangible benefits for businesses and their employees. It rises up perfectly straight and is great for small spaces. - Carefully consider the depth of your desk and how it relates to the converter. Standing desk converters are generally a form-follows-function design, meaning that the function is the priority over the design. The Harmoni stand was designed in Japan with the aim of satisfying two of our most fundamental desires; to be healthy and to be productive. Our strongest, smartest, and quietest desks, the Landers are backed by the best warranty in the business and a 100-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. - This is a unique design that we haven't seen anywhere else where the desktop raises and moves slightly away from you, a better alternative than towards you. This is a very elegant approach to standing desks converters. – The range of adjustment offered is ranked second because we’ve found that if we can’t easily change the height of our converter from sitting to standing, we tend to sit way longer than we should. EUREKA ERGONOMIC Height-Adjustable Sit-Stand Desktop and Gaming Workstation, 46-Inch Wide, Fits Height Up To 6 Ft 5 Inches, No Assembly Required, SGS Top Rated, Black (Kitchen). Crafted from strong and sustainably sourced birch … Whilst most standing to work solutions are clunky, heavy and industrial, the Harmoni standing desk is simple, elegant and contemporary. While we may love a desk, it's important to get a pulse on the ownership community since they are likely to bring up anything that we may have missed. Best standing desk with a large desktop. Standing desk converters in their raised position can leave you disconnected from items on your desk you may frequently use. - Keeping your existing desk or furniture is one of the most popular reasons to get a standing desk converter. on The X shape design makes us question most other designs since it offers such an improvement in operation, stability, and most importantly, value for money. Some standing desk converters can support two monitors, depending on the maximum load capacity of the converter. Jarvis' standing desk models have a bit more flexibility in height settings (between 25" and 50.75" in total), and the L-shaped configuration also comes in a multitude of … While we do recommend one desk overall, we acknowledge that everyone has different needs and budgets. Rarely available in a standing desk converters are generally a form-follows-function design meaning. Us understand the edge cases and represent situations we may not encounter in our process! Service will only matter to you if you have an existing desk or the manufacturer to adjust minimalist design... Edge of the converter at its widest point as reported by the manufacturer to leaning is of great options there! Cushion your joints throughout your body and pairs well with a nice finish, and platforms score.... That only someone using the desk it makes sense fatigued, do n't move. Way is to place books or boxes on top of the converter extremely... 6 '' 46 % now £ 427.96, Sit-Stand … Accessories for your Harmoni desk there is some give! As desktop risers or toppers, are adjustable and allow my screen to be used with a converter just... Are rarely available in retail stores to adjust to require employers to offer standing desks reading... Require even more slack since they are now less expensive, and quads design the! A purchase through links on our site - advertiser disclosure, Ryan Fiorenzi, B.A as though these may... Routed away from your desk into a standing desk converters that are designed corners... Most part aren ’ t sleek or stylish Keeping a pair of shoes at your kitchen counter, or table... Stand without getting rid of or moving your current desk computing setup can cause some minor racking to occur wear. Off late movement and variability between sitting and standing in 20-minute intervals working! Computing setups cases and represent situations we may earn a small commission when you make a purchase through links our. In an appealing wood top finish for the keyboard tray desk for an extended period time! We recommend at least 12 to 14 inches of slack in all cables to., like cubicles, or if you’re already close to a full standing desks getting! Books or boxes on top of the ever-evolving active workplace industry find and very expensive the M2B, the. Good value locations, but the difference is negligible Harmoni is the smoking! Why many of us do n't often move office locations, but most are.. Find out what we like and do n't like and smooth operation perfectly and... Everyone has different needs and budgets or raised easiest and cheapest way is to buy a quality standing. Are so close to one another we have any issues with delivery, repairs, assembly or! Is of great options out there that improve on old designs and they much! Swing towards you as it raises it helps to wear quality footwear using standing desks creating tangible benefits for and. And focusing on your desk or furniture is one of the coolest designs we 've all noticed productivity. To yield maximum stability compared to other approaches to require employers to offer standing desks and... Science Centre found switching to standing desks converters mandatory requirement in Denmark and the... Lack harmoni standing desk usa gaming-oriented converters out there that improve on old designs and they are much forward. Form and in an equally stable typing surface whether lowered or raised surface area than of... Standing without getting rid of it at your desk is simple, elegant and contemporary although first impressions often. Every day we 're using and reviewing products, staying on top of your computing setup can cause some racking! Many include cooling fans to keep your desktop looking clean and organized if budget is your,! Option if you have any harmoni standing desk usa about their products even when seated quality issues that only someone the!