Adult Zone

Welcome to the Adult Zone section of Once you log in, you'll find a activities in the Indianapolis Fire Department Comic and Activity Bookdesigned for use at home or in the classroom. A curriculum guide provides guidance, suggestions, and supplemental knowledge to complement the activity book. You'll also find a Survive Alive Village tour and safety lessons.

Be sure to check out the Survive Alive quizzes, designed to test subject knowledge and reinforce learning points from the Survive Alive experience.

Thank you for visiting with us and promoting crucial safety skills!

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Other programs the Indianapolis Fire Department offers:

  • Indianapolis Fire Department Firestop Program
    A Program of Education and Evaluation
  • Call 317-327-FIRE (3473)
  • Indianapolis Fire Department Smoke Alarm Program
    Every home should have a working smoke alarm!
    Call 317-327-6093
  • Indianapolis Fire Department Car Seat Program
    Is your child in the right car seat?
    Call 317-327-7956