… PINOY . 39 best tropical fish images tropical fish aquarium fish, new world cichlids care sheet, 13 colorful angelfish compatible tank mates fish tank advisor, ram cichlid care size lifespan tankmates , 8 of the best african cichlid tankmates massive list care ... Fw Electric Blue Balloon Ram Expert Only. Now go add some variable products! Adult Length – 7cm. The crown jewel of our blue marbles. The electric blue ram is also thought to be a hybrid of the blue ram fish, and the diluting of this genetic line is thought to cause some of the health problems and deformities seen in electric blue acara fish. From our tank to your tank! The body is short and stocky with a blunt snout, and the dorsal fin appears spiked, especially in males. Red Blush Angelfish Currently Unavailable Read more Details. Mature males develop more pointed dorsal fins than females and also grow larger at about 2 inches (5 cm) in length. We are the largest tropical fish importer and wholesaler in the Northwest. pH Range – 5.5– 7.5. I have upgraded to a 120 gallon tank setup about 3 months ago. I am feeding on Repashy Grub Pie Gel Food that I also sell here. ... Why is my electric blue ram always at the top? They are amazing fish in their own right, but with a dark background and a good light, they are STUNNING! Special Requirements - The Ram prefers lighting to be subdued and this will help them become less timid. I cannot give an ETA for fish or products that are out of stock but please join the waitlist above and you’ll receive an email notification as soon as stock returns Adult Length – 7cm. Mikrogeophagus ramirezi) is a small, good looking, peaceful fish. Lots of genes to work with here. Is it because of the lights ... Electric blue Jack Dempsey (How to keep a happy healthy little "Bruiser") Growth and Development of Bolivian Ram Fry. The body is pure blue. The Electric Blue Ram is a color variant of the extremely popular Ram cichlid. Electric blue acara problem Hi I have an electric blue acara (3.5 inch female) in my 40G as well as a pair of angels they both lay eggs every 3 weeks but because of some nasty fin nipped the angels were delayed a week now they both want to spawn. The Electric Blue Ram color morph was first developed in 2009, when selectively breeding of the Electric Blue Ram, in which breeders have isolated and accentuated the natural blue coloration to the point that the fish exhibits a neon blue coloration over the majority of its body. This line of blue marble angelfish develops bright electric blue color from a very young age. Temperature Range – 24 – 30 °C. This variant has an all-over light metallic blue coloration with red eyes. This is my male was white with yellow eyes but not blue! The Electric Blue Ram is a small bright blue fish with an oval shaped body and pointed fins and tail. Temperature Range – 24 – 30 °C. Beautiful little cichlids with many colorful variations, my favourite being the Golden Ram and the Electric Blue Ram.Best kept in groups. Though named for the marine angelfish, it bears little resemblance to these fish or to any other fish in the Cichlid family. They like surface plants and this can help encourage them to breed. Shop all Prestige Aquatics livestock quality fish for sale online. Fish are growing fast! Current Size – 3cm - 4cm. This cichlid is generally compatible with other peaceful fish as long as it has plenty of space. The Balloon Electric Blue Ram cichlid is a South American cichlid originating from Columbia . 1.5 inch roughly! Autor: Marta Skowron o 07:28 Brak komentarzy: Gold with pb. German Blue Ram cichlids are also known as a dwarf cichlid. Angelfish czwartek, 22 listopada 2012. Freshwater Angelfish Tank Mates – Angelfish attracts aquarists with their unusual and graceful appearance. We have worked literally thousands of hours over many years to breed these fish. Its entire body is a vibrant, striking blue color. Mar 29, 2012. madcowsnake42. Please click here to see the fish profile explaining the keeping and breeding conditions for this species. The Albino Angel is a strain of angelfish that is white to silver in shading with yellow/orange tinge over the head and has pink eyes. Royal Blue. The Electric Blue Ram is an aquacultured color variant of the common Blue Ram (Mikrogeophagus ramirezi). Size: Small (2" – 2.5"), Medium (3" – 3.5"), Large (4" – 4.5"), Extra Large (5" – 6"+) Related products. Autor: Marta Skowron o 00:06 Brak komentarzy: czwartek, 18 sierpnia 2011. It is an excellent candidate for the planted aquarium, but it also needs a fair amount of open space. The Angelfish Pterophyllum scalare is a graceful, disk-shaped cichlid. You absolutely will not find blue marbles with this intense blue coloration available anywhere else. The German Blue Ram belongs the Cichlid family and is known scientifically as Mikrogeophagus ramirezi. The Electric Blue Ram Cichlid will thrive in an aquarium with a sandy substrate and plenty of refuge such as clay pots, driftwood, and rock formations. These representatives of the cichlids family are quite unpretentious in care and … The Electric Blue Acara Cichlid (Andinoacara pulcher hybrid) is an extremely colorful hybrid of the Blue Acara Cichlid.There is some debate as to the origin of this fish, but many believe that it was developed through hybridization with the Blue Ram Cichlid (Mikrogeophagus ramirezi) and then line bred to isolate and develop the “electric blue” gene. Upto 3 inches. german blue rams with angelfish??? 4m old male. Although it was discovered 30 years later than it’s relative bolivian ram (Mikrogeophagus altispinosus) but it is a butterfly cichlid that is widely known and sold.. I have a blue lobster with a electric blue acara a. We combine the shipping cost if you order more fish or other goods. Selective breeding has created a variety of color forms known as the Balloon Ram, German Blue Ram, German Ram, Electric Blue Ram Cichlid, Gold German Ram, Golden Ram, and Blue German Ram. Unfortunately, excessive interbreeding of captive fish has often resulted in smaller fish with weaker color displays, along with malformed and damaged fry. Categories including Guppies, Endlers, American Cichlids, and more. As an aquacultured variant, coloration and hue can vary between individuals and some may retain some black or red coloration left over from the natural Ram. pH Range – 5.5– 7.5. Member. This gold balloon ram has been selectively bred for its bright yellow color and shortened body shape. 619-283-1812 Petzonesd.com Electric blue acara and angelfish breeding? These gorgeous cichlids would be a great addition to any freshwater South American cichlid aquarium at home. The most common color varieties include German blue rams, gold rams, and electric blue rams. Description. An Angelmania Exclusive. We built this store to service small businesses and experienced hobbyists. Though, both these cichlids are dwarf ones, the blue ram is smaller in size then the bolivian ram and it growth up to 5 cm of body length. Offering Electric Blue Ram (Mikrogeophagus ramirezi). It inclines toward a well-planted tank of in any event 30 gallons with delicate, somewhat acidic water. Electric Blue Marble Pearlscale Widefin Angelfish. This is a beautiful variation of the electric blue ram. German Blue Ram Cichlid (Mikrogeophagus ramirezi) are great-looking small and peaceful fish. Electric Blue Ram - 2 pack. The image used above is for illustration purposes only. They are wonderful, smart, beautiful, and very peaceful pets. They have wider fins. So, he is gold mutation without pb ... Electric Blue Ram - long fin! Breeding Angelfish Part 10 – Artificially Raising the Fry; Breeding Angelfish Part 9 – How to raise the fry? They like surface plants and this can help encourage them to breed. German Blue Ram Care Breeding Behaviour Tank Mates. Beginner, please visit your local pet store! Ram cichlid (lat. A black version of the ram cichlid has been developed recently but is still difficult to find. Special Requirements - The Ram prefers lighting to be subdued and this will help them become less timid. Unlike many other species of cichlid, the German Blue Ram is a peaceful and easygoing community member. They sport elongated fins and their coloration is a pearly, irridescent shimmer. I offer fully grown adults in mixed genders, or if you would like pairs, or a specific ratio of male to females, choose from the drop down. Current Size – 2cm - 2.5cm. Electric Blue Ram (Mikrogeophagus ramirezi) Care Level: Difficult; Temperament: Generally peaceful ; Size: 2 to 3 inches; Diet: Omnivore; Minimum tank size: 20 gallons; Electric Blue Rams are stunning fish that bring a shimmering burst of metallic turquoise color to the aquarium. LIVE FISH SHIPPING COSTS GO BY ZONE Click Here To Find Your Zone . It currently has 5 angelfish and wondered if adding german blue rams would work??? Electric Blue Ram For Sale - Very Gorgeous Rams!! Tropical Sharks. I have read of others doing it successfully, but I kinda want to avoid serious aggression. Males are usually somewhat larger in size. This species is also known under lots of other names mostly referring to its beautiful coloration such as Electric Blue Ram or Butterfly Cichlids. These fish are not recommended for the beginner or intermediate hobbyist due to their strict water quality requirements and habitat desires. Rocks and driftwood can be added to the aquarium, yet leave a … We have mastered the art of keeping and shipping aquatic life! Electric Blue Ram for sale, Buy 5 Get 1 Free. Electric Blue Rams! The Angelfish is rather diamond-shaped or leaf-like in appearance. Be vigilant when selecting your electric blue acara fish, and do not buy a fish that looks sickly or has deformed fins. When choosing sharks to house with angelfish your aquarium needs to be set up properly to accommodate them, for example, lots of open space, a good length aquarium and adequate hiding space. 11. Species – Electric Blue Ram - Mikrogeophagus ramirezi. The German Blue Ram, also known as the Ram Cichlid, is an electric addition to a calm community tank. Species – Electric Blue Ram - Mikrogeophagus ramirezi. Electric Blue Balloon Ram 2.5-3cm (Mikrogeophagus ramirezi) Temperature is ideal between 24-28C & pH 6 – 7.5. To keep German blue ram cichlids, keep them in a tank that holds at least 10 gallons of water, and install a heater in the tank since German blue ram cichlids prefer water that's between 82 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit. The blue ram cichlid is much smaller in the size as compared to the Bolivian ram and its growth is just 5 cm of the total length of its body.
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