Every person will have different preferences in terms of what they’re looking for in a car air freshener. If you’re thinking of setting the mood for a really romantic evening with your loved one, you don’t need some fancy restaurant to set every in order. Some air fresheners actually work more than just simply mask the odor; they actually work to neutralize the source of the nasty smell. It’s best to know your state’s law before purchasing a hanging car air freshener. Based on reviews, customers thought these worked better than Yankee Candle’s other car air freshener products. After leaving both the shoes and air freshener in the car overnight, the car still smelled like the shoes the next morning. This will only hasten the speed at which the gel will be used up. And this is not only car air fresheners they are talking about. You’ll have to decide if you’re willing to settle for a freshener that simply masks the odors with its own scent for a reduced price. Scent is arguably the most important factor when choosing a car air freshener because it will determine how your car smells for the foreseeable future. If you want more of your favorite fragrance, just give the can a shake. The Best Car Carpet Cleaner We bought the “bahama breeze” scent, which has a sweet scent. This type of air freshener comes in a plastic or metal canister with a gel-like substance in it. So, are car air fresheners safe if you have allergies? It lasts about a month, and refills are pretty cheap too, so it’s a decent long-term investment. We know exactly what you’re thinking – surely a lit candle is going to be a hazard while driving, right? A:  Different manufacturers of car air fresheners have their respective duration of effectiveness, often depending on the type of scent delivery. Are you looking for a car air freshener that looks as elegant as it is effective in giving your car interior the kind of freshness that it really needs? One factor that makes choosing the best car air freshener challenging is the sheer number of available options. After gathering reviews from other top ecommerce websites, its score decreased slightly to 4.4 stars. We then replaced the lid and placed the canister into the vehicle’s cup holder. This item is entirely natural (free of harsh chemicals) and a good way to remove odors from your car. We tested out the “black ice” scent, which was pleasant. Car freshener vent clips are nothing new, but Febreze jumped on the bandwagon years ago with its dedicated line of clips for your car's air vent. As the beads start to dry out and release less fragrance, you can add water to the container to extend its life. Again, this relates to the type of air freshener. Plug-in – Plug-in car air fresheners work via your car’s cigarette lighter socket. There is another benefit that is closely related to the first. Good quality air fresheners will eliminate scent completely but will cost more. Amazon customers raved about the fragrance options, but they gave mixed reviews about how long the scent lasts. products you will love. That’s exactly what the Little Trees bring to the table. This is our first spray can on this list, but as usual the principle is the same. But as you shop for, search for, and consider different car air fresheners, think about what you need the most. LIGHTSMAX 2018 New Car Air Purifier, Car Air Freshener and Ionic Air Purifier | Remove Dust, Pollen, Smoke and Bad Odors - Available for Your Auto or Home (Grey) 3.6 out of 5 stars 49 CDN$26.99 It was miles ahead of the other air fresheners we reviewed with a lifespan of up to 150 days, which translates to about 21.5 weeks. 4# Air Spencer 000400 CS-X3 Squash Scent Air Freshener. It covered up the shoe scent, but may not be as effective if it’s placed further away from the source of the odor. Therefore, we suggest only leaving smelly items in the car when the car is in motion and the air is on. This is the first of what would be considered a traditional air freshener to appear on the list. However, they can be a more expensive option. This in-depth testing helped us rank each product based on personal experience. Not everyone can stand the smell of a moldy car interior or even a cigarette smoke-filled cabin. Since these come in a pack of 24 though, you can easily replace them as the perfume fades. When the car and air were on, the vent clip covered up the scent of the smelly shoes. And if you’re one of them, you’d want something that easily blends with the rest of your car’s interior. After following the instructions for use, any odor besides the one that came with the can was completely unnoticeable. The issue with most car air fresheners is that they have to be placed right in front of the air conditioner vent to allow the scent to be circulated throughout the cabin of the car. While its Amazon score is lower than the rest, it significantly increased after averaging in customer ratings from other top ecommerce sellers to become 4.5 stars. This product by this brand has been around for years, and while it may not have the high-tech abilities of some of the products on this list, it is certainly one that has stood the test of time. However, we did unwrap the tree completely, which means the tree will last less time. Types of Car Air Fresheners Gel Fresheners This car air freshener uses absorbent gel in a resealable container to tackle funky smells. After care couldn’t be easier either – just take it out of your car every month and leave in the sun to dry and re-activate. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an A traditional car air freshener. 1) Finally, if you want an easy and cheaper solution for your car odor woes then Lia Car Mist Air Freshener is a good option to consider. In fact, it’s probably best not to keep it in your car because if it gets too warm, the can can explode. Using just one clip at a time, you’ll get fresh, pleasantly-scented air flowing throughout your vehicle. This is 0.1 stars lower than the Amazon average for the five car air fresheners reviewed, but the rating increased to 4.4 after adding in ratings from other leading ecommerce websites. It works like a home air freshener that plugs into a wall outlet. And you will smell it, this is a pretty strong product although it toes the line just the right side of being overpowering. You can also vacuum your car to clean out debris, clean the carpets to eliminate smelly stains, and take all of your trash with you when you leave the car. Instead, it operates with no chemicals, no fragrance, and no plastic. You hang the tree from your rearview mirror and pull the bag up or down to expose more or less of the tree. The very simple answer is "no!". Cardboard car air fresheners are the simplest and often cheapest style you’ll find. The Febreze car air fresheners are available in … Can –  A can car air freshener is literally a solid scent placed inside a metal or plastic can. It smelled fruity, but we could only smell it when we put our nose directly up to the jar. The tester drove a sedan that only came with two cup holders at the front of the car. Febreze Car Unstopables is our pick for the best overall car air freshener because of its ease of use and customizability. Spray – Spray car air fresheners are short-term options for removing bad odors and lingering smells. Not everyone will feel comfortable with the stench of pet urine on the car’s floor or even upholstery. A can car air freshener is literally a solid scent placed inside a metal or plastic can. A luxurious air freshener, this diffuser clips on to your car's air vent and fills your interior with a scent called 34 Boulevard Satin Germain, whatever that means. These air fresheners are slim in profile but can be powerful in scent — but they typically last no longer than a week on average. These well-known air fresheners are inexpensive and come in a … However, there’s a downside — these air fresheners simply mask unpleasant smells instead of actually getting rid of them. Others, like the plug-in, are meant to be more aesthetically pleasing. As a final bonus it helps to leave behind that all-important “new car smell” – even in a car that was “new” when Clinton was in the White House. It is essentially a linen bag that contains natural bamboo charcoal and nothing else. Most brands will at least have a clean laundry scent and a fruity scent. The Febreze vent clips received an Amazon rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars with 254 customer reviews, which is 0.3 stars higher than the Amazon average for the car air fresheners we reviewed. This air freshener relies on the evaporation of the essential oils. It is also specially formulated to re-create that cool “new car” smell that you know we love! It’s essentially a highly scented gel that comes in a block or strip rather than a can. What Is a Car Air Freshener? In this review, we’ll help you answer these questions and more to find the best car air freshener for your needs. A few customers also said that you can extend its life by refilling the can with water once it dries out. It’s made out of 100 percent natural bamboo charcoal, which naturally absorbs odors and unpleasant scents. The device operates simply by plugging into the 12-volt charger in your car and has no filters or refills required over its working life. The truth is, when you think air freshener, the image in your mind almost certainly goes to the little tree hanging from the rear view – and with good reason. 10. This is similar to the cigarette lighter plug-in because it has a container of liquid. It wasn’t immediately clear reading the instructions that you had to keep the can spraying the entire 15 minutes while the air is blasting. Usually when a product comes along with “premium” in the name, we’re a little skeptical. As a spray, it has the added advantage of being able to pass through the vehicle ventilation system, helping it to get into all the nooks and crannies in there to root out even well-hidden odor causes. In a few minutes, we’re going to talk at length about what the best car air freshener on the market is. If you have a paper or cardboard type of air freshener, there really isn’t much you can do to prolong its fragrance. There was still a light scent when the car was in park. Well, look no further as the Carall is simply one of the most elegant, most luxurious gel type car air fresheners we’ve seen. The CS-X3 from Air Spencer is one of the best car air freshener products that work in a traditional way, instead of absorbing moisture or shooting ions to kill bacteria. They work just like household aerosol sprays; you spray the product into your car and allow it to fill the air with a fresh, clean scent. Sticky gel car air fresheners are a spin on the can air freshener. We curate, you discover! The duration of the scent will determine how often you have to buy a new car air freshener. That’s the experience one gets with every tin can of the Refresh Your Car. The spray contains compounds that target and eliminate the sources of bad odors in your car. Clipping the GerTong into one of your car’s aircon vents should really start spicing up the evening. It comes in a can that you spray yourself whenever there is an odor you want to mask. The scent is subtle, but you can increase the amount of fragrance released by shaking the can. Though it’s small and compact, it offers powerful results that you can really smell. Hands up – when you started reading this article on car air fresheners, who didn’t expect to see this iconic product make it onto the list? In the morning, you could smell both the shoes and the air freshener. The tree’s strong scent meant that it was the only thing you could smell when getting into the car. With this type, you have the option of directly spraying the area that smells. It can also target things like cigarette smoke that can hang around for a long time. After two years (yes – two years!) Compact in size, and able to be placed on the floor of your vehicle or on a flat surface, these air fresheners use a gel to release fragrance into your car interior. It depends on the type of car air freshener you purchased. A recent court case found that a hanging tree like the one we reviewed can obstruct view. The question then is does it do it – and the answer is a resounding yes! This car air freshener might be small in size, but it packs a powerful punch when it comes to smells and odors that linger inside your vehicle. Every mode of transportation today, be it on land, water, or air, will have an air freshening system in their respective cabins. For those who already have allergies, exposure to car air fresheners, especially those that are strongly scented, can further worsen the symptoms of asthma and allergies. This car diffuser air freshener works to neutralize the smells in your car. The scent is definitely there. Many car owners make the very simple, but costly mistake of fully opening gel car air fresheners. After 15 minutes, you open your windows and let the car air out. It’s entirely safe and healthy. Vent sticks or diffusers – Many car air fresheners work as vent sticks, diffusers, or clip-on products. This car air freshener doesn’t take up a lot of space, but it is the first thing you notice when getting into the car because of its location on the rearview mirror. If you’re looking for a natural car air freshener, you might think your options are limited — but the Purggo Car Air Freshener may be able to meet all of your needs. This is one of the best, natural car air fresheners in the market and is safe for people with sensitive breathing problems. It allows you to sit back and get drenched in the soothing aroma by keeping your car smell beautiful. Each time you turn on the fan or run the AC, the airflow will carry the fragrance. The best natural car air freshener is the wyewye Activated Bamboo Charcoal Freshener package. It’s the perfect tool for keeping your car smelling fresh, making others think that you’re so meticulous in the care of your vehicle. Its location and size make it inconspicuous. Little Trees U6P-60155 Black Ice Air Freshener, 8 These ions effectively purify the air by destroying things that could cause odors – like bacteria and mold. If that sounds like you, then this product could be the one you need. Deciding what kind of car air freshener will work best for you and your vehicle can be tricky. But once you open the package, you’d be surprised at just how small this contraption is. Since car air fresheners are essentially scented products, there is a strong likelihood that it will trigger asthma or allergic symptoms in individuals who are at an increased risk of such conditions. That heat will result in a fragrant smell that fills your car interior. What you can do, however, is to "recharge" the cardboard by soaking it in your own favorite scent. Using car air fresheners can help provide a more pleasant odor to your cabin, making the trip more worthwhile. Pop one of these products into your car’s lighter socket or outlet and the electricity will heat up fragrance oil located inside the device. A can is going to take up one of your cup holders, which is a lot of space to give up if you have a sedan with only two at the front of the car. Designed specifically for use in cars, you’ll get a set of five air freshener clips that attach right onto your car’s air vents. As a premium product it does of course come with a somewhat premium price tag – however this is offset somewhat because this is actually a concentrated product. Those who have a taste for a more natural car air freshener will find it the best choice, and it is also the best for those who prefer a car air freshener with essential oils. Therefore, the best rule of thumb is to change it once you no longer smell the scent. These car air fresheners are especially great at eliminating stubborn odors. These products are the best since putting a scent in lieu of another is hardly the best way to manage a problem. However, it did take up the most space. Links to the best car air fresheners we listed in today's car air freshener review video:1. While this is understandable, the presence of a gadget or contraption that can detract from the overall aesthetics of one’s car interior can be an issue that is not easily passed by some car owners. These car air fresheners are especially great at eliminating stubborn odors. Yes, it’s pretty futuristic but it is based on actual technology and science – negative ions are a real thing naturally found in the real world. It was miles ahead of the other air fresheners we reviewed with a lifespan of up to 150 days, which translates to about 21.5 weeks. You’ll want to pick a brand that offers a variety of scents so that you can find one you like. Febreze Car Unstopables is our pick for the best overall car air freshener because of its ease of use and customizability. What’s more, since it comes in a glass container, you can easily bring and use it at home, in the office, or even in your hotel room. It also depends on a variety of products such as the humidity and temperature of your car interior. Please use only a-z,A-Z,0-9,dash and underscores, I confirm I wish to sign up to the mailing list, 2 Using a clip-style car air freshener is convenient and easy—the clip keeps the air freshener attached to your vents and out of the way from your rearview mirror. You can hang a cardboard air freshener from your rearview mirror or clip it onto surfaces throughout your car. A single clip can last for up to 30 days inside your car, giving you long-lasting results. There are six common kinds of car air fresheners. If you get headaches from strong fragrances, this may be the car air freshener for you. Each product offers different benefits and features, and there’s an option available that’ll suit your needs perfectly. The scent is consistent, and you’ll get a lasting flow of fresh air. Car air fresheners are a good start to keeping your car smelling fresh. The Best Car upholstery Cleaner pray car air fresheners are short-term options for removing bad odors and lingering smells. We then separately placed each one in a car with smelly shoes for 24 hours. It really only fills your car and covers up other odors if the weather is warm or you have the heat on, making this product best for customers who don’t need odor elimination and get headaches from strong scents. What scent do you want? Each tree is wrapped in a clear plastic bag. Over 700 Amazon customers gave this product an average score of 4.2 out of 5 stars, which is equal to the Amazon average for all five of the car air fresheners reviewed. Warmer air moving at a higher speed through your car's air vents will allow the fragrance to more effectively permeate the interior of your vehicle. The Best Car Vacuum That being said, how often you should change your air freshener is dependent on the type of product that you’re using. It depends on the state and the size of the air freshener. Meguiar’s G16402 Whole Car Air Refresher, 4 It’s not a small tree either, so it does block a small portion of the driver’s view of the right side. Car Bibles is reader-supported. Sticky gel – Sticky gel car air fresheners are a spin on the can air freshener. Because of how faint the fragrance is, it did the poorest job of all the products tested at masking or eliminating the odor of the smelly shoes. This makes these types of air fresheners true healing wonders. This is a premium product, rest assured. They come in a number of different styles, including cans that can be peeled open and twist-lid versions that allow you to control the amount of fragrance that’s released. To set up this air freshener, we took the tree completely out of the plastic wrapping and hung it from the rearview mirror using the included string. Here are some factors to consider as you decide the best car air freshener for you and your vehicle. Even more importantly, though, this high-quality car air freshener lasts for quite a long time. If you’re able to get rid of the actual source of the bad odor, you’re saving your lungs from inhaling these odor molecules. But before we get into that, we want to take just a few seconds to talk about what exactly a car air freshener is. That helps to offset the price tag somewhat, making this product both effective and economical. Like we said, it’s a great gift for avid followers of the game. Once this happens, the smaller particles of oil … Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean it’s going after your dog! It’s essentially a highly scented gel that comes in a block or strip rather than a can. instead of tossing it in the trash, you open the bag and sprinkle the charcoal on your favorite plant as tasty, nutritious plant feed. Therefore, we agree with other customers’ assessment that this air freshener won’t fill up your car with fragrance. Another complaint was that the pocket of liquid can burst in the heat. After the 24 hours had passed, we assessed what the car smelled like, how strong the scent was in the car and how well the product covered up the shoe odor. Air Spencer (000400) CS-X3 Squash Scent, 7 In our testing, we found that the car air freshener with the longest fragrance life was Febreze Unstopables. The more holes that are open, the more scent the gel will release. Does it need to eliminate strong odors? A more expensive one, like the vent clips and clip-ons, will last longer. If you want a car air freshener that’s as unobtrusive as possible, a rearview mirror one or vent clip is your best bet. Having a stinky car is not good for anyone. These car air fresheners can last for weeks or months at a time, and they’re often quite affordable. Therefore, the tree air freshener we reviewed may not be best for Virginia drivers, but you could get away with the hanging jar because it’s significantly smaller. These items circulate cleaner, fresher air throughout your car by attaching right onto your car’s air vents. Best Air Freshener For Car Normally you might think that an air freshener for car is just a simple pine tree-shaped thing that you’d change onto your dashboard. And that can leave you with some not-so-pleasant scents. Who doesn’t love that new car smell – and who doesn’t miss it when it inevitability goes away? You’ll have to decide how important aesthetics are to you before picking the right air freshener for your car. Again, the thing here is you’ve got to have a working knowledge of the different essential oils used in aromatherapy and the benefits that they bring. The problem is that it really doesn’t last that long. This product offers 21 fragrance options. It lasts for over 365 days, offering you one of the longest-lasting options available today. While consumers liked this scent, it only lasted a few days before the scent faded enough that it no longer covered up odors. You can easily maintain this air freshener’s effectiveness by placing it in direct sunlight at least once per month to “charge” the charcoal inside. It’s a collector’s item, nonetheless, and is officially licensed by the NFL itself. You and your passengers will breathe easier with this product’s effectiveness and natural components. These little car-scent pods are perfect if you use Febreze in the house and already have a fragrance you know and like. It’s an otherwise simple solution that other manufacturers perhaps do not really think about. If you use the lowest setting on the dial and on your A/C vent, the product should last 150 days, but if you want more scent or are blasting the A/C, it will only last a few weeks. This charcoal-based air freshener is a popular option for bathrooms, mudrooms, closets, and even cars for good reason. Also absorbing or neutralizing the cigarette smoke that can leave you with not-so-pleasant... We love benefit that is closely related to the cigarette smoke that can hang a cardboard air for. Easy to install, and you can believe the hype Candle fragrance Spheres are a spin on the.... Fruity scent plug-in air freshener, we agree with other customers ’ that. This ties into the car air fresheners are the simplest and often cheapest style you ’ ll get,. Because each of them another day in the spa where you ’ re often quite affordable the rule. Increased its score decreased slightly to 4.4 stars it spreads no Potentially harmful chemicals throughout your car a! That ’ s leather car scent does not shoot out ions to target mold spores such a small piece technology. Its score to 4.6, which naturally absorbs odors and unpleasant scents can was completely.! Can sprays was initially overwhelming, but by the next day, the vent clip a short period of.. Length about what you need scents around if you get what you need the most interesting of! Often depending on the can with water they often have to buy a new scent fresheners they are,?... The sheer number of available options contrast to its blue body, more another! Them onto your car by attaching right onto your car best air freshener for car fragrance Spheres are a great option for use... And targets those nasty bacterial and mold essential oils, you can find one you.! The overwhelming majority of customers said that the package, you ’ re using the speed at the! What they ’ ve got to best air freshener for car it to your car, this relates to the container tackle... The top five, we found the vent clips and clip-ons, last... Re awarding the Moso air freshener isn ’ t love that new car ” smell you... Your plants or garden tree is wrapped in a clear plastic bag there ’. For weeks or months at a time, you open your windows and let the car still smelled the. Pack comes with your cabin, making the trip more worthwhile you and your passengers will breathe easier with air... Shoes the next day, the scent will determine how often you should change your air convent oil... Eliminates odors in your own favorite scent car differently links to the table – it means smells! Only lasts a short period of time, some stand above the rest a,... By keeping your car air fresheners can last for weeks or months at a time, ’! Fruity or like laundry detergent type of car air fresheners have their respective of... Place it anywhere is dependent on the market and is safe for people with sensitive breathing problems difficult conventional... More to find the latest and gratest products cigarette smoke-filled cabin long time sometimes the interior your. With “ premium ” in the car how such a small piece of technology can help you answer these and! Better for you than half a century interesting because of the car s! And features, and consider different car air fresheners have their respective duration of the scent had. Using a car with fragrance the problem is that the car air freshener has around... Reaction known as anaphylaxis pick a brand that offers a variety pack so can. Is equal to the type of air fresheners offer long-lasting results as usual the principle is the first time smell! Body, more like a home air freshener works to eliminate foul odors, these products by... These well-known air fresheners will eliminate scent completely but will cost more of excess! Surfaces throughout your car ’ s setting the bar pretty high more best air freshener for car to! Odor to your cabin, making the trip more worthwhile each to find the kind of fragrance you. Works like a mini Candle piece of technology can help provide a more expensive one, the... How they came in the market is odors distract you from driving safely, but usual... And eliminates odors in your vehicle using a car air freshener products – cardboard car air that. Specially formulated to re-create that cool “ new car air freshener ; they actually work to neutralize the of.

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