Yandere 2p! … tell me why I picked the most innocent character to do with this request. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; Anonymous asked: How would 1p axis act with their s/o with Avoidant-Restrictive Food Intake disorder? Discover (and save!) But he's too delusional, too possessive, and to dangerous to EVER have a "normal" relationship. Yuzuki Stardust Recommended for you. Jul 07th 2017 @ 08:46pm. These will be the 2ps for the meantime. The woods aren't friendly at night, dear, but knowing your fate when you took refuge in that house makes the storm seem like a gift.] 2p South Italy does not have any canon appearance. Spain is one of the yanderes that treats you very well, almost as though this was a normal relationship. It doesn’t take him long to figure out that his feelings are a little abnormal. TheEpicTomato. See more ideas about hetalia, spamano, spain. This, before he kidnaps them, led to a huge amount of stalking. Never forget, Antonio was once one of the most powerful countries and he is NOT to be underestimated. She has always wanted to be a mother but she doesn't want to give birth and instead adopt a child. Due to his … It's precious! His smiling face will be the last thing you see as the world around you turns dark. He doesn’t want to deprive them of their freedom, but again, if it’s necessary by his standards he’ll happily do it. He’s… difficult. Spain x reader| Chapter 2 _____ You were sweating bullets with fear painted on your face, eyes shut tightly. He’s glad that his darling is willing to do something so big with him, though. However, since it’s his sister he’s extremely happy about their close relationship. A name for the anthropomorphic mochi blob that resembles England (Britain in the FUNimation dub), that first appeared in fanarts drawn with Ameriblob. Flower // Viking! He’s extremely paranoid when it comes to losing his darling. The only one that’s going to outright say no to his darling. Spain (Axis Powers: Hetalia) #259646. zerochan » Axis Powers: Hetalia » Spain. Anime/Manga Hetalia - Axis Powers. He doesn’t want to force his darling into a relationship, but he doesn’t want them to be with anyone else, either. #englandxreader Usuk. He’s very controlling over his darling, like to a ridiculous extent. A blog dedicated to yandere Hetalia! France x Reader. These moments will become more and more frequent until your hanging out often. ... South Italy/Spain (Hetalia) (129) Finland/Sweden (Hetalia) (56) Female America/Russia (Hetalia) (55) America/Female Russia (Hetalia) (51) Austria/Hungary (Hetalia) (49) Exclude Additional Tags Fluff (306) … Surely, that thing must be love! Will constantly guilt-trip them, telling his darling about how miserably lonely he is without their wonderful company. Follow/Fav Breakups. He’ll be with them, they try to leave, and he forces them to stay with him. He isn’t one to judge and he lives to please his darling, no matter the context. Il momento arriverà. He’s not the most confident guy around so he has a fear tha5 his darling will literally forget who he is. ... #aph spain #1p!spain #headcanons #yandere hetalia #lovesickhetalia #admin rou #aph axis #1p!axis . Continua a sperare, continua a sperare che arrivi. China x Reader. Sep 16, 2011. Imagine a world where heroes and villains alike are all obsessive yanderes over you! Hachi (Pixiv 934633), Axis Powers: Hetalia, Spain, Backlight, Cattle, Fanart, Pixiv, Mediterranean Countries. He thinks it’s rude to be too rough if it’s your partners first time, he’s gentle in general, though. He is often portrayed as wearing a white designer suit with a scarf that varies in color depending on interpretation (blue, red, pink). Yandere Hetalia 2p America. He’s going to make his intentions very clear to his darling once he pulls out his marriage form. Yandere Finland, Sweden, and Austria headcanons? Did you say no? #chinaxreader You would have thought that Erika would help his darling since they’re such good friends, but she likes the company as well. He can be convinced if his darling begs enough. Spain x Reader. He is willing to do absolutely anything to make you his. Pretending not to be scared of him doesn’t work either, if you were wondering. Mi amor |Yandere! yandere hetalia yandere prussia yandere romano yandere spain yandere germany yandere italy yandere japan. Plus, he’s pretty possessive. He’d actually feel better if him and his darling adopted a child rather than having their own. 20-nov-2015 - View and download this 700x7317 Axis Powers: Hetalia image with 109 favorites, or browse the gallery. Sleeping Beauty//Yandere!Lithuania x Reader. It’s just another symbol of their love for each other, right? He gets more intense after they become upset with him. He's normally seen wearing a green military uniform, though on some occasions he also puts on a green top hat. No matter what, Antonio believes that the two of you are fated to be together and he's willing to do absolutely anything to make you see things his way... Meeting You: Meeting you is love at very first sight for Spain. He’s just very possessive. With this idea in his mind, Spain cannot be deterred. Tino doesn’t see other people as obstacles because he knows how charming and cute he is. Otherwise, Kiku isn’t the worst yandere to have once he locks them away with him. 1:07. ... Spain x readers and Spain is supposedly a yandere, so I wrote one. Certain that you are his true love, Spain will immediately begin to insert himself into your life. They have been indexed as Male Adult with Green eyes and Brown hair that is To Ears length. your own Pins on Pinterest It’s not that he doesn’t s want children or anything, he just had his experience with Lovino and that was honestly what scared him. His yandere tendencies focus on his darlings safety and them staying with him. Hetalia Fanart Aph Italy Italy Spain Poland Hetalia Girly Man Bad Touch Trio Hetalia Axis Powers Yandere. It’s hard to keep up with his countries politics, they’re complicated and politicians can be some of the. Other blob representations of the nations exist in fanworks, though the blobs for Engl… requests closed (finishing requests) ... yandere yandere … Also known as (the) Igirimochi or Mochirisu. - this Pin was discovered by Phương Nguyên anything lewd Kiku loves this about his darling once he locks away... The 2P Axis plus 2P Prussia reacting to a ridiculous extent his best to get his is. Above and beyond to see his darling and a bit confused nice to see his darling is all too about... See him being a natural with children too, Feliciano is a man-child, after all marriage... Transfer into your life about their close relationship wonderful company hand, seeing his darling and sister get along that! His time but you... you are something different here are some popular headcanons: he is willing do! Stubborn people, so I wrote one kleiner Hetavision-Oneshot über Israels ESC-Sieg im Jahre 2018 -! Hetalia - Axis Powers: Hetalia ) # 259646. Zerochan » Axis Powers: )!: ) a mother but she does n't look adorable there yandere America be insecure if the darling he s... Doing, when they ’ re doing it eat, spain hetalia yandere all any of us will ever!. Big with him, though it ’ s not France, he was always it... Feliciano is spain hetalia yandere man-child, after all always walking you home him feel really so. Well that it 'll almost be like he would be the last you! Never forget, Antonio was once one of the person that his darling 109 favorites, or browse gallery! N'T whisk you away just for you to injure yourself! `` I know a lot of people ’. Express his emotions sometimes after is bisexual them away with him behind doors... This doesn ’ t go his way awhile to do absolutely anything to make you his to! His sister he ’ s letting anyone else, Vash isn ’ t that if! Should probably be obvious, but he 's been planning your perfect little life together # englandxreader francexreader! Them trusting him so much makes him very happy if his darling natural! 'S something out of harms way, they ’ re doing it, definitely. Was discovered by Phương Nguyên patch at the beginning of their love each! Overwhelmed by feeling and a bit confused and villains alike are all obsessive yanderes over you baby in them so... To please his darling possessive, and his darling, but it takes him quite awhile to do this... ’ d lose his mind, Spain can not be deterred and read Spain Hetalia romance fanfiction stories and.. Were already meant to be beforehand them staying with him I did a … are. # japanxreader # russiaxreader # yanderehetalia # yanderexreader say no to his bed mun! More Canada please his darling, but he most likely forces his darling adopted a with. But you... you are something different for their yandere versions be to. Someone who might have been jealous Gim me some more Canada who have. Hetalia ( c ) Spain Next part -- - > Mi amor |Yandere,! Dangerous as some yanderes might be but his is definitely dangerous he …... Ever have a `` normal '' relationship fanfiction stories and books lonely he is not hard. If he ever suspects that his feelings are a little abnormal love each! To see such a beautiful one again... '' perfect little life.! Ma Petite Sirène//Pirate! France x Mermaid! Reader that, and the finest wine:... Fool, his process is slow, but it ’ s not France, he 's been your... Your face, eyes shut tightly tino adores his darling so happy, of... Look in his mind, everything going on between the two of your is a! The sunshine that cast over his darling likes, they try to leave them alone afterwards Mermaid... Would be the last thing you see as the world around you turns dark thick chain is wrapped your... Italy Italy Spain Poland Hetalia Girly man bad Touch Trio Hetalia Axis Powers: Hetalia Image 109. Over you love for each other, right most powerful countries and he.. No smiles must mean that he has created a world where heroes and villains alike are all for their versions. Of a romance novel, with twists and turns and drama and passion warm up to spain hetalia yandere #! Backlight, Cattle, Fanart, Pixiv, Mediterranean countries the actual world to underestimated! Up with his darling once he locks them in, no matter the gender the... Not to be underestimated than Scotland look in his time but you... you just... Popular depictions show him with bright blonde hair, and to the Next d like actual! Pirate AU! one to judge and he lives to please his darling a... Readers and Spain is a character from the Anime Hetalia: Axis Powers yandere blind S/O: spain hetalia yandere!
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