Fallen Firefighters Memorial

The Purpose of the Memorial

The Fallen Firefighters Memorial was created to honor and remember the lives of our fallen firefighters, brave public servants, whose love of life, dedication to duty, and loyalty to their fellow man required of them the ultimate sacrifice. For their unselfish offering, we are forever grateful.

The Description of the Memorial

This beautiful memorial of stone, metal, and brick is a permanent structure located at 448 Massachusetts Avenue in Indianapolis, Indiana. The names of the fallen adorn ascending columns, which culminate in a tower of limestone and bronze, bursting heavenward to give flight to the Phoenix - the mythical bird that rises from the ashes to symbolize rebirth and life renewed.

As the firefighter knows, only those who truly live are also fully prepared to die. To those who fight to preserve it, life holds a purpose that those whom they protect cannot fathom.

Lessons that are learned while visiting the Fallen Firefighters Memorial

  • Firefighters are courageous, caring public servants, who deserve our respect.
  • We are fortunate to live in a city where our lives and homes are protected by these brave men and women.
  • It is important to remember our fallen Firefighters.