Second Floor Bedroom

The second floor bedroom is where we put all of the days lessons into practice! After one last review of our important fire facts your students will prepare for a mock family fire drill. This includes hearing a smoke alarm sound off, feeling a heated door, and crawling under simulated smoke to eventually exit out of the window onto our village roof (approxiately 3ft from the floor). They then join their classmates at our designated meeting place to count noses and make that important practice call to 9-1-1.  

Lessons that are learned through discussion and demostration while visiting the Firefighters Survive Alive! Second Floor Bedroom.

  • Sleeping with the bedroom door closed
  • Never hiding from Firefighters. 
  • Drawing attention to yourself by making noise with your voice or using flashlights and whistles 
  • How to block smoke from coming in through the bottom of the door 
  • Once again the importance of two ways out, a meeting place outside, and how to make a call to 9-1-1