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Also, he set the course record, but that's nothing. Jake: Every other big decision I've made in my life I was sure about: becoming a cop, asking you to marry me (Casecation), Amy: So, did they defuse the bomb? amysantiago. Amy Santiago/Jake Peralta (Casecation), Amy: Hey, so today was pretty intense. Jake and Amy hold their respective Bachelor/Bachelorette parties ahead of their upcoming wedding. Jake: I'm just curious. (Fluffy one-shot I wrote at 1 in the morning when Jake x Amy feels kept me up.) The exact moment is when Amy, exasperatedly, points out that her crossword puzzle has a typo in it. Jake and Amy get married outside the precinct in the Season 5 episode; Jake & Amy Tristan will say what's on his mind, protecting his little brother all his life is nothing new to school bullies. Season Two: Amy: Won't be a problem. The past has moved on. Can I help you, Mr. Mustache and Mr. Shiny Shoes? (Pete is pretty sure that is not what he was heading to, mainly because curly brown hair smirks and mouths a nice save Jake to himself. Amy disagrees and says she's not freaking out or anything before screaming at someone off-screen about trying to steal her cab. Jake makes a bet with Hitchcock, putting his and Amy's new sedan on the line. Jake does everything he can to get back to Amy before their son is born. The couple decides to start trying for a baby. There will be no survivors. Amy goes to comfort him, telling him that it's okay and side-hugging him. Amy happens to come across Jake's attendance record and gets turned on because he had zero absences. Jake: We're having a boy! Emphasis on almost. After Amy has a pregnancy scare, Jake and Amy decide to start trying for a child in the first episode of Season 7, Manhunter. (Lights Out), Meet Jake and Amy's New Baby - Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Jake & Amy Get Married Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Jake responds "Again, weird take on a very loving relationship.". When Jake and Amy tell the squad that they are pregnant, it's revealed that everyone already knew. Everyone says it back and Amy is visibly uncomfortable. You may kiss the bride. Jake admits he hasn't and doesn't need it. Jake and Amy share their first night in hiding. Holt: Permission granted. Amy: Aw, on our anniversary. I hope he buys you flowers hope he holds your hand gives you all his hours, while he has the chance take you to every party, 'cause I remember how much you love to dance Do all the things I should have done, When I was your man. (HalloVeen), The Vulture: (about his fianc Jean Munhroe) Look, I love her. fanfic +8 more # 11. This wasn't our plan, and we agreed we'd wait a year and there's so much to do first, and it would've been crazy, right? That was real. When Jake can't complete the race (thanks to some injuries he suffered beforehand), Amy stabs him with an epipen, which is full of adrenaline that gives him the energy he needs to complete the race. Greedy | Jake peralta by Darkhxlland. Jake: And, you know, there's really no one else's opinion who I care about more than hers. Jake asks Amy if she is really okay with him and Jenny, and she responds by repeating what he said earlier, that their feelings for each other are in the past. Amy smiles, thanking him. Jake attempts to convince Amy to team up with him. Amy: I mean, I was really stressed. Jake apologises for everything that has happened, not understanding how some people could do that to a woman. pulse secure minimum client version . That's the only reason it's not happening. Amy: "Oh my god. Amy: Please don't say that during the ceremony. When he threatens to tase her again, she tells him she's pregnant and he's ecstatic until Holt reveals it was a hoax. When Amy is too worried to check the results of her sergeant's exam, Jake offers to do it for her, but she twists his arm before he can get to it. Season Six: Amy finds out that Jake destroyed the cake and had to make a new one. She also says, "I love you so much," to him; which Jake says back. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you. Kudos: 1 Hits: 111 Amy goes on another date, which takes a unexpected twist. I mean, sometimes it sucks. Jake isn't sure how to tell Amy something important. For Rosa and Adrian's wedding, Jake helps Adrian locate his grandmother's earrings while Amy works on the wedding. They eventually find out they're expecting a baby boy in the Season 7 episode "Ding Dong." As one of the big decisions of his life that he was sure about, Jake had said asking Amy to marry him. [Amy rolls her eyes and they both laugh] Crazy to think that in just seventeen short years, he's gonna be 6'7" and be the number one draft pick for the Knicks. After a few moments, he stops and turns sullen. (behind & away from the phone screen). Jake: Awesome. Jake proposes to Amy in the Evidence Room on Halloween night. He says that his confession wasn't real and he was just caught up in the moment of going undercover for the mafia. Jake's words sounded as stubborn as ever as they appeared from between his teeth in a mute hiss. And it has been a true pleasure to watch your distracting childish rivalry evolve into a distracting childish courtship and now into what I'm sure will be a distracting childish marriage. Dave MajorsJohnny and Dora All of the major points of Jake and Amy's relationship have happened at the precinct; they shared their. A little. Jake and Amy offer to babysit Terry's daughters, Cagney and Lacey while he works on an application. He'll get sick of running and turn you in to Interpol. After being released from prison, Rosa Diaz and Jake Peralta decide they want to do what they were actually accused of doing but with a bit more theatrics involved. I am thrilled to know that you used to like me, and I will bring it up constantly. While apologizing to Rosa, Amy mentions that she went to Rosa to vent about Jake being in witness protection and not knowing when he'll come back. The moment is lost and he loses his nerve. I kinda wish something could happen between us, romantic-stylez. With all the craziness, I almost forgot. Role-playing, Jake calls himself "James Bond" and Amy his "femme fatale." . Jake denies this and refrains from teasing Amy, even though it is obvious he wants to. It is often Charles Boyle who seems to have high hopes for his best friend Jake to have children in the future. But I'm here, and I've never been happier. The story focuses on the romantic relationship between Jake and Amy. Amy: Seriously? When Amy tells Jake about her pregnancy scare, Jake expresses how cool it would be if she actually was pregnant and Amy says that she was secretly bummed when the test came back negative. Amy and Jake become closer and close everyday , it's not easy being in a relationship and working together but they figure it out :), Brooklyn 99 fanfic~Amy Santiago/Jake Peralta. Amy tells Jake that women don't find make-believe attractive, but he compares himself to an actor, such as George Clooney. Jake: Surprise. Jake Peralta is a detective in the 99th precinct. Lets stop doing this the Amy way or the Jake way or even the Hitchcock way, Ames. Jake looked at Amy reassuringly and put his hand on her wrist to comfort her, stroking her with his thumb. I mean this entire day felt like a warning from the universe. When Captain Holt calls Jake selfish, Jake takes it saying he doesn't want to get mad because he thinks of Amy's respect and worry for Holt. Jake Peralta has been i "It's what she would have wanted" Jake prevents this by covering his ears and humming loudly. Read the full article on Charles Obsessing Over Jake and Amys Relationship. ><><><><><><><><><><><><><>< Jake suggests to Amy that they help David take down dirty cops and drug dealers of the Brazilian mob. This time, Amy calms him down saying that he may not be found guilty and that they could still go to Paris. Charles claims that he's not giving up on them and that he's already written his best man's speech for their wedding. It doesnt help that every perp tries to force him to his knees so they can make an escape, or that when Amy looks at him he finds himself almost wanting to be hers. I spent my whole life trying to beat David at something. "I've been watching this show since I was in high school, so I love to watch it whenever I get the chance." Jake smiles, moving his fork along with his . Jake explains that the subtext of the guarantee was that she would be entertained, and he succeeded. Amy goes into labor during a city wide blackout when Jake isn't there. Jake and Amy must convince the Vulture to give up the house. Amy says it's okay and is actually glad he said something. (Jake takes on a case which ends with his kidnapping , can the team find him before his fate is made?). Jake: Yeah, but it doesn't matter. Jake and Amy go to Mexico for their honeymoon. Amy talks aggressively to Jake, as her mind is focused on winning the heist. b finds them asleep on a giant teddy bearBoyle takes Jake to the toy store for his birthday. In the ending scene, Jake tells Amy that, because of the NutriBoom incident, their honeymoon money is gone. Of course, they love it and After the stake-out Jake has different feelings for Amy. Which is surprising to no one. So these are gonna be a load of jake/amy oneshots just because i enjoy writing them. Jake suggests she not use the hidden condoms in her purse because they are expired. 3 - When they shared an UberPool with [someone who looked like] Michael Caine. When Amy goes to check up on Jake, who has the mumps, Jake tells her that she can do anything to him, as long as she doesn't touch his mouth, neck, or testicles. Deciding they're okay with kissing in front of everyone, they lean in again before Charles appears beside them, ruining their moment. He tells her that she will regret it if something happens to her brother. He then decides to work through his weekend off in order to keep his mind off of Amy's romantic getaway. When Amy disappears after the practice test, Jake goes out to look for Amy. Dressed for a date, Amy asks the detectives in the briefing room what they think of her look. However, when she suggests that she and Teddy should take dancing lessons, Jake becomes uncomfortable. Im going to be writing one shots! As Jake is doing his speech-declaration for this year's Halloween heist, Amy joins in in the middle of it to quote Jake word-for-word. Amy tells Jake that she can make it to the Precinct in 10 minutes, that she loves him, and that he better not solve the case without her. In the evidence lockup after finding out that Captain Holt is leaving, Jake and Amy kiss for real for the first time. They agree that they would both like to explore a relationship, and to try to keep things "light and breezy." Jake: Yeah. Although Jake tries to resist, he ends up whisper-telling her to do it harder when she makes his bones crack. Some of things she says are calling herself his wife and the love of his life. Amy goes to Jake while he's being treated by the paramedics. Jake shows an interest in finding out more about the guy with whom Amy had to cancel her date. "Look. Amy asks Jake if he's qualified to give relationship advice to Boyle, stating that he isn't exactly the kind to have mature relationships. Jake does an announcement to the Precinct before going to his [and Gina's] high school reunion, where he says he has a super-smart, incredible wife. I'm proud of you. She tells him she had a dental emergency, to which he notes that he knows that she is a good brusher. Amy: You said that way too quick. Jake: I could always just cut across at Amy-used-to-like-Jake boulevard. As Jake was one of the people who hurt her feelings by not picking her for his team and also for thinking she would be Holt's lackey, Amy tells him that she is her own person and capable of making her own decisions. Powercut. Jake explains that it's what Harry Potter says when he needs to clear the Marauder's Map. Amy ends up yelling at both of them to get out of the room. A different take on Jake and Amy's road to a baby :) Please consider turning it on! # 1. They are having a great time - Well, Amy and Ice beg to differ. Near the end of the episode, it's a week later when Amy tell Jake they should move in together and Jake agrees. When Rosa reveals that Amy has passed the exam, Jake says Amy needs room to do her signature dork dance. Language: English Words: 2,610 Chapters: 3 /? After The Vulture appears and criticizes Amy for not taking the job, Jake puts an end to it and claims he has a peace offering. Jake always leaves a mess in Amy's apartment, but as with everything involving Jake Peralta, she eventually finds herself loving it. She checks with him to make sure this is not part of the heist and tells him that if it is, she will dump him so hard. Jake does so much for her, he is definitely the most thoughtful man on earth. Amy: Jake, I get it. He also calls her Darling in the ending scene: Say boom boom, Darling!, When Jake and Amy are about to leave the precinct to pick up Jake's half-sister. But, when you were in danger [sighs] I just didn't care anymore [about beating my brother]. Jake tells Amy that her using the word rabbi turns him on. The two take a trip to Horseditch, Pennsylvania to locate Matthew Langdon, one witness to prove that. Jake and Amy go on a couples cruise together. Jake: Yeah, but I'll always know. Jake and Amy have a big talk about whether or not they want to have children. Amy, however, thinks it's a sign that their relationship is doomed and convinces Jake that they should go back to being just colleagues. Bruno Mars | Romance Man Jake Abbey Bryce When I Was Your Man Amy The Hooligan. amyandjake. He calls her sweetheart and she replies with time to die.. Having an obsession for crime and murder, when. Amy: I do. Amy: Okay. She freaks out about how she might never get to say the "so much" part to Jake. Amy admits to Teddy that she and Jake are different people but she loves that about them. As her true competitiveness shines through, she proclaims to Jake that letting her into his life was the worst mistake he ever made. Ames, today has been a crazy day. [takes out positive pregnancy test and shows it to Jake] Amy thanks him for telling her that. Despite Jake's earlier objection to Amys request to dress up for Thanksgiving, Jake shows up at the second dinner in a suit and necktie, because she told him to. Ya butt is da bomb." Categories . Um, also, something else happened. Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago, ship name Peraltiago, are detectives and often partners at the 99th precinct. In Another Life escrita por FuryBlaziken Em andamento Captulos 6 Palavras 14.656 Atualizada em 17/10/2022 23:34 Idioma Portugus Categorias Brooklyn Nine-Nine Gneros Ao, Comdia, Lsbica / Yuri, LGBTQIA+, Literatura Ertica, Literatura Feminina, Novela, Policial, Romntico / Shoujo It was an older area with her being the only one under 50, and the apartment "A wedding? Jake answers his cellphone, automatically knowing it's Amy. Horror Slashers When they break apart, Jake is seen smiling at Amy. [Said sarcastically] I love you too. Amy assures him that that wont be a problem. Upon breaking out through the back, Jake expresses how glad he is that Captain Holt and Amy, whom he respectively calls his dad and his wife, are here. # 5. That leaves only the Captain to help out a sick Jake Peralta after he gets dunked in the Hudson after chasing down a kidnapper. Oh no, what does it say? When Terry tries to pry for more information on Jake's feelings for Amy, Jake suggests they need some shots. They get married outside the precinct in the Season 5 finale, titled "Jake & Amy." Jake: Indeed I am. I just care about being with you.". Jake seems shocked and in awe at Amy's confession. With all the craziness I almost forgot. When Amy has the medical bracelet, Jake tases her with the pen he got her for Christmas that also had a taser in it. Amy has a dance competition with David and tries to do a Death Drop [move] but ends up failing and hitting her head. Jake apologizes and agrees that he shouldn't have said that part. They dance spectacularly in the center of the crowd. [Amy smiles lovingly at him] Rosa: Jake, didn't you break them up? Holt: By the power vested in me by the state of New York, I'd like to announce that your honeymoon vacation request status has officially been moved from pending to approved. Jake roasts Camila in defense of Amy and all the amazing things she's done; and goes to Amy to apologize for it. Amy accepts. Holt: Friends, colleagues, gawking New Yorkers, we are here today to celebrate the marriage of Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago. At the airport, Jake is nervous about meeting Katie and Amy comforts him, saying he just needs to relax and be himself. Jake gasps in shock and says Amy is being so mean. Hi guys this is my first book so don't come at me too much if you don't like it. At the wedding, Jake and Amy exchange vows. Jake: I didn't notice anything. Amy asks Jake what was his favorite part of their marriage within the full year was. Almost. Jake tells Amy about having to find a hacker and that they talked about her having an unhealthy "Fear of missing out on work" -- FOMOW (/fm/). In one of the challenges, Jake is on the brink of losing, but Amy decides to sacrifice herself, allowing Jake to continue. I don't know if you've noticed, but ever since I've started those hormone treatments-- Jake says today has been crazy, but he's not surprised because everyday with Amy has been a crazy adventure. He admits that Amy got him obsessed with the series, and that he even called in sick one day to read one of the books. In a conversation with Rosa, Amy says she wants to go to the water park too, but she doesn't want to tell Jake because "that's the only card I hold" against Jake in the discussion about having kids or not. They then decide to be reckless, and do things such as getting very drunk and having sex in public, but this doesn't work either. Brooklyn 99 fanfic~Amy Santiago/Jake Peralta, Jake is kidnapped, angst follows In the Season 5 episode titled "HalloVeen," Jake proposes to Amy in the evidence room, which she accepts. When Amy asks Jake why he didn't follow the plan, she asks if he is jealous of Vin, which Jake reluctantly admits to. Still no closer to finding evidence, Jake tells Amy to go home and get cleaned up. She responds with "Rot in hell, crapface! He then tries to impress her with a sexy voice. 1The AuditMoo MooChasing AmyCrime & Punishment "Clear." He promises her he can dunk a basketball. (Halloween Heist 1). I almost missed the birth, we had our baby at the precinct, a firefighter touched our child. Amy thanks Jake for helping her through the rough day. Although they often bicker and tease each other, it is clear they have mutual respect and share a friendship. Jake: Guess that is kinda cool. Jake-Amy Relationship Amy says Jake has nothing to worry about because Jake is a brilliant detective and she loves the way he thinks. Amy tells Jake that she loves him for the first time, and after an awkward response from Jake, he says it back. Everyone balances work and kids. But then, it all seemed hopeless even with a plan. Jake keeps two pictures of Amy by his bed in prison. After Amy remarks that she hopes it wasn't a mistake, Jake says ". Amy: Mm-hmm, yeah. Jake tells Amy that he's just working and asks her what's wrong with her. ", Jake shows off his date to his colleagues, Amy and Jake share a laugh during their stakeout. And something else seems to be very wrong. jake and amy fanfiction protective July 3, 2022 July 3, 2022 July 3, 2022 July 3, 2022 Right before the dinner, supportive-husband Jake tells Amy that besides him doing the hype man thing, they should have a back-up plan to win against her brother. Rosa tells them that Jake and Amy are actually engaged. Jake says he is worried that Amy will wake up one day and wish she were with someone as smart as she is. Amy helps Jake find an informant, even though Jake was on administrative leave. Jake says "I love you too" back to her. Jake and Amy pretend to be a couple in order to arrest their suspects. Later, at the precinct, Amy goes into the break room and says "I'll love our little Shrek no matter what. Youre right. Charles then deduces that Jake had sex. Jake is clearly jealous and uncomfortable. So she got on the first boat she could find, taking her to New York. Amy: Babe, we talked about this. Amy interrupts and actually gets offended on Jake's behalf, expressing her anger toward Holt. In an attempt to unnerve Jake, Amy almost reveals a spoiler to one of the books. Also, yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that, because every single day that I get to be with someone as amazing as you is crazy to me. Jake: Oh my god, that's right! Jake tries to say something, but Amy gets more scared when she suddenly sees a stranger (Franco McCoy, AKA "CSI Guy") standing in their bedroom too. Jake & Amy: [Go in together for a big kiss & smooch] Jake and Amy toss nuts into the air for the other to catch in their mouth. However, Jake calms her down, saying that he will win the case because he is innocent. Amy doesn't tell Jake that she knows. Jake and Amy relationship has changed through out the years from competitive co workers to becoming husband and wife now the pair lives were about to change forever. Jake tries to speak to Amy alone, only to get awkwardly interrupted by the forensic tech before Majors bursts into the room with an announcement. Jake reveals he spent $1400 on the date, but refuses to admit its because he likes Amy. You put a vulture into a cage, and [squawks], it freaks out. When they find the bellboy jacket in the dumpster, the mood is lifted and the detectives share their excitement over the new development in the case. Maybe she could never trust him - not with her secrets, not with her heart. Amy says she doesn't need her father's approval and that she loves Jake. Fans often call the couple Peraltiago and/or Jamy. Jake Peralta/Amy Santiago - Powercut, a red rose grew up out of ice frozen ground, Alternate Universe - Frozen (Disney Movies) Fusion, im gonna post this on my schedule of posting instead of diff fics until its done, The Strangest Happenings of Hawkins, Indiana so far, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Rosa Diaz Has Emotions (Brooklyn Nine-Nine), plot what plot but like not in a porn way, all the years Ive given is just things were dividing up, i got this idea while scrolling through tiktok, i just wanna take a break because i finished frozen 1, Jake Peralta/Original Female Character(s), Moonlight, Sunshine, and Baby You Are Mine, Tom "Iceman" Kazansky/Pete "Maverick" Mitchell, Nick "Goose" Bradshaw & Pete "Maverick" Mitchell, just my baby boys and baby girl being adorable, Times people shouldve told off Will Schuester, Ray Holt Acting as Jake Peralta's Parental Figure. Amy, I'm scared, okay? Later, Charles notices that Jake is planning a date and begins to pressure Jake and Amy for details. He motions to the framed photo of Jake and Amy from earlier, which Jake stares at thoughtfully. At Age 21, Angelina Sullivan began abusing Jake Peralta. Dom/sub AU with a pile of angst the size of the Nakatomi tower (and the eventual comfort to match). she shot Jake with a real bullet in the past, Charles Obsessing Over Jake and Amys Relationship, the midnight conclusion of The Annual Halloween Heist, https://twitter.com/Brooklyn99FOX/status/605944935267733504, https://sunset.ucbtheatre.com/performance/37772. Amy corrects him and says she never said "love" or "deeply. Thats exactly what I was thinking., (A West Wing-inspired AU where Amy is assigned a new guard, one Special Agent Peralta, and she is not happy about it. Well, until they fall for each other. S7Ep6, 1:04; 5:48; 7:59; 15:28; 18:07; 19:54. Jake looks furious and the Vulture looks just as smug as ever. Jakes then lets Pimento know that they are engaged and it happened on the last Halloween. Instead of answering him, she notices that she has become the distraction they needed to bypass the club's guards. Amy: I love yours too. Everyone is afraid of the short-tempered brother. Amy follows up with a suggestion that there be a comprehensive set of rules. Where'd it go? Before he can try again, he accidentally solves the case. This is my very first fic so feedback is encouraged! Holt talks to them about how they were handling the case they were on together and they both start stammering, one of the things Jake says is "we're definitely falling in love". They compliment each other on their acting skills once the criminals are under arrest. While she is dancing, he yells out "That's my future wife!". Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago, ship name Peraltiago, are detectives and often partners at the 99th precinct. Jake is visibly upset when Amy tells him that she's spending the weekend in the Berkshires with Teddy. Jake (with Charles, Hitchcock and Scully) is cornered in the kitchen of a Wings Slutz restaurant. Jake remarks "That's why people throw away garbage. Jake accepts the retort and appends a "I love you" to that. Jake teaches his daughter a lesson about the world. In the show the possible future parenthood and parenthood considerations appear. They get a moment to talk after finishing the trap for Figgis and as they were leaning for a kiss, Jake mentions he hopes Amy is a better kisser than Holt. While talking to Amy on the phone, Romero comes up to him and threatens him. With this news, Terry is disappointed, Charles is ecstatic and Rosa is pleased to have something new to tease them about. Jake wakes up happy for once in jail because it's visiting day, and he gets to see Amy. Jake: Gross. He is often seen wearing a button-down plaid shirt, a hoodie, jeans and at times, a stylish, black leather jacket. Holt tells Jake that there's nothing he can do about Freddy Maliardi and that some things are just out of his control. [Said sarcastically] I invented the Dewey decimal system, but right now I'm working on the Do-me decimal system. (Admiral Peralta), Jake: [looks at his son Mac] Well, we did it Ames, we made the world's hottest baby. We're here to keep you updated on the latest episodes, news, pictures and spoilers about them. Jake has a picture of Amy on a wall that he finger-tap kisses. (It is looked at as a joke and Amy blows up on both of them saying it is worse when they are nice to her than mean-as they had been earlier). Is Amy falling in love with Jake? Jake: Told you water was bad for you. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. He becomes furious and lets them know that as long as he is their captain, they won't have a romantic relationship. A heavily-medicated Charles informs Jake that he thinks the reason Jake is putting so much money and effort into the date is that he actually likes Amy romantically. With all the trouble they went through, they both come to the conclusion that Rosa and Adrian don't actually want to get married. But then a moment later shows that he got turned on, and asks Amy to do it more. Sergeant Jeffords thinks she'd work well with Detective Peralta, but she's less than impressed at the idea--until the day the precinct has to take care of a little girl named Samantha, and everything changes. She continues, saying that she loves that Jake is messy and cares so much about his dumb sneakers and doesn't get stressed out about calendars. Protective Jake Peralta Jake Peralta/Amy Santiago Fluff Amy Santiago is new to the Nine-Nine. Wait, is this really happening? Is Jake falling in love with amy? Amy: Say cute Jake. Jake starts teasing Amy about the fact she used to like him. "You're a great detective and they'd be lucky to have you.". Jake: Really? "Stay alive for her, okay, just for her" Jake agrees and decides to go to Amy's apartment to tell her how he feels. No. in response. And I took a pregnancy test, but it didn't work because I drank 11 gallons of water. The dinner does not get off to a good start either, causing Jake and Amy to get uncomfortable at their respective parents hinting in sexual innuendos. Season Three: peralta. The bomb crew arrives, and Teddy is revealed to be head of the crew. Jake meets Amy's father for the first time. The Lake HouseBalancingThe Set UpRenewalThe Last Day Pt 1The Last Day Pt 2, ParentsBest FriendsPolice Colleagues Former Rivals, Operation: Broken FeatherTactical VillageCharges and Specs, The Jimmy Jab GamesThe Road TripBoyle-Linetti WeddingDet. When Amy enters the venue with her make-up done, Jake says "Ames, you look beautiful." Jake: I got another cake just for the two of us. Jake thinks its hot that Amy has eggshell in her bra after she is egged on Halloween. Jake Peralta, an immature detective feels a strong feeling towards Amy Santiago, the super organized, and beautiful detective. (Tactical Village), Jake: I don't know what's gonna happen on this assignment, and if something bad goes down, I think I'd be pissed at myself if I didn't say this. jeanine mbk entertainment, tacos and tequila menu canton, ms, who makes publix brand products,