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The Firefighters Survive Alive! program educates children about fire and life safety.  This state-of-the-art child safety education facility utilizes a two-bedroom home environment and simulated fire and smoke to give program participants the life-saving skills and experience to escape the perils of a fire.




The educational programs used at the Survive Alive Village are designed for children of all ages, but especially for those in the second grade. Children who participate in the hands-on educational programs at the Survive Alive Village benefit from the following activities:

  • Classroom training at Survive Alive Village provided by a real Marion County Firefighter;
  • Practice to escape from a simulated fire situation in the Survive Alive house at Survive Alive Village with 911 telephone training to learn how to report a fire or other life-threatening emergency; and
  • Evaluation and testing of what child participants learned and retained.
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